The Founder and Math-Mind behind the College Aid 2.0 Method


10:00 AM

10:20 AM

Establishing Your EFCs

College List Building

reduce $20-40k in college costs

Todays Price:


Lifetime Access to the College Aid 2.0 Software (valued at $2500)

Tuition Reciprocity Planning (valued at $600)

Advanced EFC Reduction Training (valued at $2500)

Merit Scholarship Planning (valued at $900)

Advanced appeals training (valued at $1500)

Mike’s College Data Cheat Sheet (valued at $1200)

College Aid Generosity Scorecard (valued at $297)

Total Value $9497



The College Aid 2.0 Bootcamp Includes:


Don't let the college financial aid system dictate your family’s future.

One morning can save you $40,000+


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Set the foundation for savings

TOOLS PROVIDED: College Aid 2.0 Software, Mike’s 388 Best Colleges Cheat Sheet, plus 3 other college planning tools

TOOLS PROVIDED: College Aid 2.0 Software

Finding Need-Generous & Merit-Generous Colleges

finding $50K-$120K here

TOOLS PROVIDED: College Aid 2.0 Software, College Generosity Tool

10:40 AM

11:20 AM

How to "Chase Merit" the Right Way

increase aid by $20K-$40K here

TOOLS PROVIDED: College Aid 2.0 Software, College Generosity Tool, Affordability Score Card

11:40 AM

12:00 PM

How to Find and Win Private Scholarships

worth $100K for elementary students and $40K for high schoolers

TOOLS PROVIDED: Scholarship Express Protocol

Finding Scholarship-Stacking Colleges

preserves $5K-$15K of financial aid per year 

TOOLS PROVIDED: Affordability Score Card

12:20 PM

Advanced EFC Reduction Training

increase aid by $5k-$25k per year, per child

TOOLS PROVIDED: College Aid 2.0 Software

12:30 PM


increase scholarships by $3K-$8K per year

TOOLS PROVIDED: College Aid 2.0 Software. Appeals Worksheet, Real Sample Letters (redacted, of course)

12:40 PM

TOOLS PROVIDED: Tuition Reciprocity Cheatsheet

reduce out-of-state costs by $5K-$20K/ year

Tuition Reciprocity

12:50 PM


save 90% on college credits at participating colleges

TOOLS PROVIDED: CLEP Policy Portal for Every College

1:00 PM

Tax Savings

save $10K per child on proactive tax savings

TOOLS PROVIDED: Tax Savings for College Parents Worksheet

TOOLS PROVIDED: Forgiveness Calculator for High Income Families

save 20%-60% on your education loans!

Loan Forgiveness & Discharge/ Loan Repayment Assistance

1:15 PM

1:30 PM

College Choice, College Major, & College ROI

make the right decision on college ROI based on your child’s career outlook

TOOLS PROVIDED: Unlocking Tuition ROI Blueprint


1:45 - 2:30 PM

Take a look at the College Aid 2.0 agenda. And discover how 4 hours can change and improve your college funding plan with BIG savings.

Take a look at the College Aid 2.0 Bootcamp agenda, and discover how one morning can change and improve your college funding plan with BIG savings.



How long is the workshop?

The workshop starts at 10A Pacific, and the Q&A starts at 1P. packed with actionable strategies to save on college costs.

How is it different from the previous free workshops?

In our previous workshops, we showed you how to lower your EFC using a few strategies. In this workshop, we delve into our groundbreaking College Aid 2.0 Software and advanced techniques to unlock significantly more aid.

What if I don't show up live?

This is a guided experience. We want to work with you and help you navigate the software with ease. There are no replays for this workshop, but you can attend a second date within 30 days of your purchased ticket. We run one Bootcamp per month.

Do I have to buy a software?

No, the College Aid 2.0 Software is included in the workshop and free to keep and use for all your children. You’re welcome :)

What if my child is in college already? Can it work for me?

Absolutely! Our strategies and software can still benefit you, ensuring you optimize your financial plan for your current college expenses. 

Can I still attend if my children are not in high school yet? 

Yes, attending even before your children are in high school is to your benefit. It allows you to plan ahead and maximize your savings potential. There are thousands of dollars to put into your child’s college savings account.

Your time is valuable, and we'll use it effectively. 

This jam-packed LIVE session will give everything you need to save thousands of dollars on your college education fees. 

Tools You'll Get During The Bootcamp 

"This workshop is for anyone who has asked: How in the world do you shoot the moving targets of need-based aid, merit-based aid, and private aid, in a way that works for your family’s finances, AND your student’s dreams and goals?"

– Mike Escobar, Father of 4 & CEO of Yorkshire College Planning


Master the Art of the FAFSA and Lower Your EFC

Save $40,000 MINIMUM with Our Exclusive Cost-Cutting Strategies – GUARANTEED or your money back

Unlock Scholarships and Merit Aid Bonanza

Gain Exclusive Access to Yorkshire's Cutting-Edge Tools and Resources

Live Expert Guidance PLUS: Work Alongside Other Savvy Parents Looking To Maximize Their Finances

Don't Miss Out on This Game-Changing Opportunity – Reserve Your Spot Today!

Spots are very limited in order to provide a high-level of hands-on service for each attendee. Secure your place now and unlock substantial savings for your child’s college funding.


Save over 600+ hours of fruitless Google searching with our College Aid 2.0 software - the ultimate college affordability list builder. In just one short sitting, you’ll be guided through a nationwide net price calculator to find YOUR specific prices for 2,000+ US Colleges, allowing for easy comparison.

Avoid the nightmare of draining your retirement savings and burdening your family with crippling college loans. Quickly see the sweet-spot colleges that align with your student's career aspirations and your budget. Uncover hidden gems offering generous need-based and merit -based scholarships, regardless of GPA and SAT/ ACT scores. Stop wasting hours on net price calculators and scholarship searches. And start saving today. 

Get lifetime access to this software after the Bootcamp. No fees. It’s yours to keep and use for all your children.

Tap into an extensive database of scholarships and merit-based opportunities, uncovering hidden merit scholarships that can cover the entire cost of tuition even if your student doesn’t have a 4.0 GPA or a perfect SAT score!

This database allowed the Thapar family to get an additional $30,000/year in merit aid (That’s $120,000 over a 4 year degree)

Discover the bleeding-edge EFC strategies used by industry insiders.  No matter what your income or asset mix is, you’ll be able to use these strategies right in the Bootcamp.

This training uncovers the 10 most effective ways you can reduce your EFC even for high-income, high-asset, and high-EFC families.

This comprehensive tool provides a personalized score for over 1800 US colleges. Discover which US schools are need-generous, merit-generous, and which ones allow scholarship stacking.

Don’t let the aid you qualify for become useless. Don’t let your private scholarships get eaten up by scholarship displacement.

Don’t just “bite the bullet” when colleges don’t offer you enough financial aid. 

There are two types of appeals: need-based appeals from the parent, and merit-based appeals from the student. I teach you how to do BOTH types of appeals. 

We’ve helped thousands of families appeal for more aid and will show you the do’s and don'ts of appeals, including REAL-LIFE sample letters that secured tens of thousands in additional financial aid for real families.

Sirish Capoor used our training to lower his EFC from $63,000 to $26,500 - but this wasn’t enough. The University of Wisconsin-Madison rejected his low EFC and wanted him to pay full price ($55k/year) anyways. Sirish used our advanced appeals knowledge to write an appeal that reduced his costs by $22K this year.

Master the art of private scholarship applications, impressing committees and securing the funding your child deserves. Find the private scholarships that your child has the best chances of winning. Get the information on my favorite private scholarship exchange, which is a daily-updated database of private scholarships that keeps out all the gimmicks and trash.

After testing close to 100 different scholarship resources, this methodology is Mike’s personal protocol that he used to get his 9 year old daughter $11,200 in scholarships in 2022.

Navigate the complexities of out-of-state tuition with ease, ensuring you capitalize on tuition breaks at colleges in your region.

This ONE tool saved our  client, Jake Rossi, $12,000 a year by allowing them to get in-state tuition at an out-of-state college.

I’ll teach you how to cut semesters off of college with things like CLEP, and gain credits during your breaks through reputable online portals.

Fast track your child's graduation with self-guided tests that can replace 3-8 credits at a time for $90/test. That’s 90% tuition savings per credit

This is a great resource that lets you see how these 388 “best colleges” compare by category. See which colleges are best for biology, engineering, education, etc.

Based on Pearson data and Common Data Set data, discover which colleges are the best fit for your child and your wallet.

Maximize your college funding potential with our Tax Savings Worksheet. Schedule a time with your CPA and ensure all these essential items are checked off the list. Start saving more today!

Use smart strategies to reduce your EFC and leverage your tax advantages to their fullest potential.

Calculate the savings of loan forgiveness and loan repayment assistance. With loan forgiveness, a portion of your parent loans can be forgiven after qualifying payments, reducing your debt burden. Repayment assistance programs provide support for graduates in specific careers, making loan payments more manageable. 

This is NOT the Biden-era loan forgiveness that got shot down.These are decades-old opportunities that are still available to you NOW.

Calculate ROI for every college (based on what your child will make from their career). Discover which colleges have a better Return on Investment.

It’s not only about cutting costs for your family. It’s also about maximizing your investment - the insights you receive may surprise you!

Unlock the power of proactive planning with the College 2.0 Timeline – your ultimate guide to maximizing college savings and securing scholarship dollars from kindergarten to postgraduate school.

Know the exact time to apply for scholarships and funding over the entire school-lifetime of your children.

College Aid 2.0 Software

Ultimate Merit Scholarship Engine

Advanced EFC Reduction Training

College Affordability Scorecard

Advanced Appeals Training

Scholarship Express Protocol

Tuition Reciprocity Cheatsheet

Mike's 388 Best Colleges (For Your Major) Cheat Sheet

CLEP Policy Portal for Every College

Tax Savings for College Parents

Loan Forgiveness Calculator for High-Income Parents

Unlocking Tuition ROI Blueprint

College 2.0 Timeline

The College Aid 2.0 Bootcamp Guarantee

We're so confident in the transformative power of our College Aid 2.0 Bootcamp that we offer you an unbeatable guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with the time you spend in our Bootcamp, we will refund your investment. In full. No hassles. No BS.

We stand behind our proven methodologies, cutting-edge tools, and the expertise of our team. We've helped thousands of families unlock substantial savings, and we're ready to do the same for you.

Your child's future is too important to leave to chance. Enroll in a Bootcamp today, knowing that your investment is protected.

- Mike Escobar


Don't miss out on this opportunity. Reserve your seat in the College Aid 2.0 Bootcamp today. Save thousands on your child's college costs. Act now, and together we'll create a brighter future for your family.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Mike Escobar.

I'm a Wealth Advisor, Fiduciary Financial Advisor (IAR), Certified College Funding Specialist (CCFS), Education Loan Analyst (ELA), and former High School Math Teacher & Coach.

I’ve been involved in finances since 2011. And what started as a single Google search to help the students I taught and coach, has turned into helping thousands of families like mine navigate the College Aid landscape.

I’m now a father of four and the CEO of Yorkshire College Planning, Founder of Paying for College for High-Income Families and Creator of the College Aid 2.0 and Scholarship Express methodologies.

You’ve worked hard to have a robust income and give your family a good life. You shouldn’t be punished for that with over-the-top college expenses.

I’ve found hundreds of ways to save families thousands of dollars in college costs. Don’t jeopardize your retirement savings or cause your child to take on student loan debt that will take decades to pay back.

Let’s make the numbers make sense for you and your family. 
Join the College Aid 2.0 Bootcamp Workshop - you'll get help for YOUR individual scenario or your money back. 


“To be honest, we would've never known about, probably not even a quarter of the resources that you gave us in the Bootcamp. And even if we would have done our due diligence to look for things like Googling a scholarship for Eagle Scouts, ‘cause our son is gonna be an Eagle Scout soon, doing all the work to apply for it, and then maybe it's a dead-end scholarship that hasn't been maintained for two years.

And so we would've done all this work, and then it's, it's not even an active scholarship.  I just think that we probably would've gotten frustrated if we would've hit those walls. But the Bootcamp saved us that headache.”

- Dan & Maria Walke


It's time to unlock your college funding potential, secure your child's dream education, and embrace a brighter future. Join us for the College Aid 2.0 Bootcamp – a live event that will reshape your college funding game. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now!

My initial EFC was $63,000 and went down to $26,000.

We paid $56,000 for my son’s first year and after the EFC reduction, we’re looking to pay $22,000 this year. It’s $120,000 in savings over four years. 

– Sirish Kapoor  

"Yorkshire has saved us over $300,000 just for the twins. 

We still have one more coming up. It’s about 20,000 per kid per year, so that's 40,000 per year savings to us. $160,000 over four years of savings. It's four years of saving tens of thousand dollars. That cost is a drop in the bucket. It's just, it's a no-brainer. 

 – Liz Belle 

Busy parents don’t need one more thing to add to their plate. The strategies employed in the Bootcamp have been developed over years of research and trial & error development. The College Aid 2.0 Bootcamp shortens your funding hunt from 810 hours to 1 Morning from start to finish. 

Save 810 hours of College Planning Time

Our track record of saving over $120 Million for 4,500+ US families speaks for itself

✅ Save 810 hours of College Planning Time

✅ Leverage the software & tools in the class (and beyond) to save money for EVERY child you have

✅ Use our proven methods and achieve remarkable reductions and secure more financial aid

✅ Reduce EFCs

✅ Say goodbye to hours wasted on net price calculators and endless searching for merit scholarships

Save yourself over 810 hours of searching online for answers. The College Aid 2.0 Bootcamp gets you results in minutes with over 12+ tools to use.


Time Saved

Establishing Your EFC

50 Hours

College List Building

50 Hours

Finding Need-Generous Colleges

20 Hours

Finding Merit-Generous Colleges

20 Hours

How to "Chase Merit" the Right way

50 Hours

How to Find and Win Private Scholarships

100 Hours

Finding Scholarship-Stacking Colleges

150 Hours

Strategic Aid Opportunities

50 Hours


20 Hours

Tuition Reciprocity

10 Hours


20 Hours

Tax Savings

20 Hours

College Choice, Major, & ROI

50 Hours

Upcoming Bootcamp Dates:

FRI, June 21, 2024 @ 10A Pacific

SAT, June 22, 2024 @ 8A Pacific

FRI, June 28, 2024 @ 10A Pacific

SAT, June 29, 2024 @ 8A Pacific

FRI, July 12, 2024 @ 10A Pacific

SAT, July 13, 2024 @ 8A Pacific

FRI, July 19, 2024 @ 10A Pacific

SAT, July 20, 2024 @ 8A Pacific

Simply click the "ENROLL NOW" button to purchase, and you will be taken to the enrollment page where you can choose the date you desire.

Give your child the education they deserve without pushing retirement until you’re 75 or drowning in suffocating student loan debt

It’s happened to way too many parents.

While researching their child’s college choices and filling out their FAFSA, parents receive an absurdly high Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

The results are in.

And now you’re on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars in college costs.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.




Limited Seats Available!

Hundreds Of Hours Of Research Condensed Into 3 Hours – Save $40,000 Minimum On College While Eliminating FAFSA Stress For Good

What if you could

Crush college costs, leaving other parents in awe as you effortlessly secure your child's spot at their dream college while saving a small fortune.

Skip the sleepless nights and financial stress, knowing that your child's future is secure and you've maximized every opportunity for savings.

Effortlessly slash your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) by 50% or more, unlocking an unfair advantage in the college aid game.

Empower your child with unparalleled opportunities and networks, opening doors to prestigious colleges and valuable opportunities.

Secure a free ride to your child's dream college, leveraging little-known strategies that cover the entire cost of tuition.

Be hailed as the parent who defied the system, leveraging insider knowledge and unconventional tactics to navigate the complex world of college financial aid with confidence.

You can save $40,000 or more on college fees 
inside the College Aid 2.0 Bootcamp

There's Good News...

Being parents you want to take care of your kids. You kinda look down that long road as to how are you gonna get 'em through those next four years. Yorkshire’s Bootcamp was all great stuff – just looking at the different charts and how to break it down was very helpful including the tools that they have available to make this more affordable and more attainable. "

– Eric Ducoff 

5000 Hours Of Expertise

condensed into 4 hours

We invested over 5,000+ hours of research, study, formulation and tool development to find EVERY important strategy needed to save you tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in college costs.

Our proven strategies have saved over $120 Million in college costs for 4,500+ families nationwide.

During this workshop, you will save a minimum of $10,000 - $30,000 per year, per child, using our College Aid 2.0 methodology. That’s a minimum of $40,000 for a 4-year degree!

This sounds hard to believe, but that’s truly the state of aid in the US college system today. Applying a few key strategies that only the top 1% of eager families actually know is enough to cut significant costs off your kid’s degree.

Consider this your “War Room” 
for College Aid - live, guided, strategic planning that leverages the current system’s highly bureaucratic approach in your favor.

Even if the college financial aid landscape has left you baffled, 
no one who attends our hand-holding Bootcamp will be left behind.

Discover how to make the most financially savvy decisions that save you money without compromising on quality education.

You won't be steered towards the typical advice of  “attend a cheaper college” that compromises your child's potential.

In this Bootcamp, you can achieve a strong balance between your child's dreams and your family's financial well-being.


You’ll use 12+ techniques and tools to:

Boost scholarships

Reduce out-of-state costs

Lower your EFC by 50% or more

Learn the right way to increase aid

Uncover Strategic Aid Opportunities

Proactively save $10K per child on Tax Savings

Reduce college costs by $10K-$30K/year per child

Master the art of finding and winning Private Scholarships

And so much more!

"So this year I paid about 70,000 for my son's first year. And I only make a little bit more than that. Holy cow! And that was not researching any scholarships or taking advantage of your services and filling out the FAFSA incorrectly.

But now with your services and just redoing the FAFSA, walking me through every line I'm gonna pay anywhere between 20,000 and 30,000 next year. I mean, that's what, forty…fifty thousand dollars that I'm not gonna have to pay. That's unreal. Wow. And that's just one year, and that's not even finding other scholarships."

– Dr. Stephanie Herring

Look at what past attendees of our Bootcamp have said: 

I think that he [Mike] is a great resource. He was just open to giving us. contacts for SAT tutors or tax advisors or just giving us some resources, some people that we can call on if we need additional help.

Our out-of-state costs are around $25,000, but through the Bootcamp we found merit-aid that we qualify for in the $20-30k range.

You have to start somewhere and you get what you pay for kind of thing. if you have three or four hours, you'll walk away with a lot of information.

– Christine Corey

Colleges make money if you don't do the research. I think they may even probably bank on you not doing the legwork because you will see the price tag and think, "I can't afford this". Or, if you find a way to afford it, you pay the full sticker price. What the Bootcamp has done is allowed us to see that you don't have to pay the full sticker price.

It's relieving to know that the possibility is there that Mike provides the tools, and Mike provides the resources.

I felt the group setting helped a lot. It's a benefit to have an open forum like that. 

You don't know what you don't know until you know it. And that's what [the Bootcamp] is like. You get all these fine points and it's like clarity kicks in, right?

He [Mike] is deciphering all of this confusion and dotting those I's and crossing the T's and adding that punctuation as you go and providing other resources.

Mike has done a lot of the background and the research for you.  Here's your plate. You just got to eat, right? So here it is. Here's, you just got to do the work. 

 The investment of your time and money into the bootcamp is incrementally less than your out-of-pocket college expense versus the money that you could save from investing in a college program like this is going to save you incrementally thousands of dollars or can save you thousands of dollars.  

 – Brian Gowan 

Everything about the financial part of it is is scary to anybody regardless of your income.

The cost of tuition has just gone through the roof. These past ten years is tenfold. Back when we went to school, you could work your way through it, but now you're looking ten, fifteen years down the road trying to get yourself out of that hole.

We we've had a pretty good handle on merit based loans, but but the private loans was something that's that's very new. It was all great stuff. So that's I think that was the the key to it, but just looking at your different charts and and how to break it down is is a was very helpful.

The tools that you have available to make this more affordable and more attainable. We're eliminating ten years off of a loan, I mean, we're looking at thirty thousand dollars right off the top [of college expenses].

 – Eric and Shannon

Not only do you wanna help them by having them come out debt free, but we also don't wanna end up, having to actually finance them when we're in our fifties and sixties.

Even though I wish I would've learned about you guys a year ago when my son was starting freshman year versus sophomore year but I still feel like we're ahead of the game with, parents that have juniors.

Because I had no clue that all of this started getting looked at two years before, the student starts college.  You don't even think about the FAFSA being a big thing until you apply for it. And little do you even know that they're looking at it, two years prior.

We would've never known about, probably not even a quarter of the resources that you gave us.

And even if we would have done our due diligence to look for things like how you definitely mentioned, like. Just Googling like "Scholarship for  Eagle Scouts" 'cause our son is gonna be an Eagle Scout soon, doing all the work to apply for it, and then find out that it's a dead-end scholarship that hasn't been, up, maintained for two years.

And so then we would've done all this work and then it's, it's not even an active scholarship. So I, I just think that we probably would've gotten frustrated, if we would've hit those walls.

But really and truly coming across your company was extremely enlightening at the right time. Right before we could have really caused some big financial disasters heading into preparing for college and, and not getting as much as we probably can now.

 – Dan and Maria